Chile Truffle Farm


What is a truffle? Truffles are the fruiting bodies (spore-bearing mechanisms) of underground mushrooms. The actual fungus from which the truffles grow are formed by an underground network of mycelium in a symbiotic relationship with a host plant. This mutually beneficial arrangement occurs when the fungal mycelium and the root cells of the plant grow together to create mycorrhizae. The plant provides sugars to the fungus through photosynthesis, and the fungus provides the plant with minerals, water, and other nutrients:

Hi there! I’m intrigued with the cultivation of truffles in Chile.  If you’d like to participate in researching, planning, designing, developing and maintaining truffle orchards in Chile, please contact us to see how we can work together.


Chile Truffle Farm promotes and supports the cultivation of Chile’s commercial and native truffle industries.  We promote ethical practices in the harvesting of these natural treasures and aim to educate our community about the role of truffles; both for culinary use and scientific exploration.

We are a group of mycologists, scientists, farmers, and interested individuals who are dedicated to the cultivation of the commercial and native truffle industry in Chile.

Established in 2012, we are seeking any and all who have a vested interest in promoting Chile’s truffle industry.


Please contact us and join our society and together we will collectively build Chile’s truffle  industry.